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Exposed: A-bort Gear wheels

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Room 1: A-bort Gear Wheels
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Bart Koppe, Wheel Gear 2002, Tate
A-bort aka Bart Koppe Gear Wheels 376 2002, Tate
The British understoot early in the 21st century how important Bart Koppes work was. His whole live he concentrated on building Lego machines with a bright and emerging fascination of what a gear wheel can do. In this fourth exposition of his work, twenty five new works are presented. But also one older work; Tate is proud to also present his first ever work: A Gear Wheel (1981).

Lego was generally considered a more suitable medium for the nude because the
flexibillity of plastic was associated with purity. By contrast, the influence of Koppe encouraged lego builders to offer more robust, fleshy types. Naturalism was prized as an 'Bartolian' virtue, but several artists who produced overtly physical descriptions of the Radar Gear Wheel Machines were accused of indecency.